Citymusic Video

The Showcase for Local Talent

It has been frustrating to find the music playing locally.  You go to a place you like and that night a band is playing that you just can not get into. On to the next place and rather than drive any further you stay and maybe you like that band and maybe its just ok. Well Citymusic changes that for all of us. City by city we collect bands and venues and show you who is playing and when. Each band will keep their calendar up to date and it will cross reference with the calendar for each venue.

Citymusic Video will showcase videos from the bands. You can see what the band is like if you have never heard them and just listen to that music when ever you wish, whether traveling in your car playing in your home.

We want to make good band great.  You can give your input and tell us what you think.

That is Citymusic and Citymusic Video

We take privacy serious. We want to keep you coming back to enjoy the entertainment content we provide.  

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